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Stylish Popular Post Widget With Round Thumbnail For the Blogger.

Buddy, this post about how to customize your popular post widget more attractive with round thumbnail. That popular post widget is usually more beautiful as compared to different. while computer mouse button are positioned, it shows a thin solid blue border. The popular post widget fully customized with CSS code. If you want this kind of widget, and you can add the item inside your blogger. Simply comply with underneath instruction, along with add the item.

How to add Popular Post Widget in Blogger Blogs:

Now Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to >> Layout option
  • Click on  >> Add a Gadget
  • Add Popular Posts Widget from given list.
  • Select "display up to 5 posts" and check image thumbnail and snippet. 
  • Now Save the widget 
  • Then Go to Template Option. 
  • Click on Edit HTML . 
  • Find (CTRL+F) ]]></b:skin> tag. 
  • Copy and paste below CSS code above ]]></b:skin> tag. 
/*--- Customize Popular Posts Widget Design By Malik Asif Ali --- */
.popular-posts ul{padding-left:0px;}
.popular-posts ul li {background: #FFF url( no-repeat scroll 5px 10px;list-style-type: none;margin:0 0 5px 0px;padding:5px 5px 5px 20px !important;
border: 1px solid #ddd;border-radius:10px;-moz-border-radius:10px;-webkit-border-radius:10px; }
.popular-posts ul li:hover { border:1px solid #6BB5FF; }
.popular-posts ul li a:hover { text-decoration:none; }
.popular-posts .item-thumbnail img { webkit-border-radius: 100px; -moz-border-radius: 100px; border-radius: 100px; -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .4); -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .4); box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .4); } 
  • Save your Template. Click on Preview.

What Are the Limits Of My Blogger Account.

Most of the professional bloggers always prefer to choose It’s free to use and with in some second you can create new blog. It has lots of limits. Unfortunately, has some limitations which we will be discussing in today’s article (Limitations of Account and Blog).
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Number of Blogspot Blog:

You can make 100 different blogs per account. 

Number of Posts:

There are no such limits for posts of blog. You can make unlimited posts with unlimited content. In case you unwontedly delete the posts, then they can be recovered through Google History Cache.
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Number of Comments of Post:

Its also have no limits. A blogger post can have unlimited comments. You can easily enable or disable comments anytime or any post. Comment length: 4,096 characters per comment.

Size of Pictures:

Size of a single pictures is also has no. but, if always prefer it should not bigger than 250K per picture. Because 1 Blog has 1 GB (Gigabyte) of free image hosting.

Length or Size of Posts:

Size of a single posts not greater than 1MB, Its limit of page size of

Number of Pages:

You can only create 20 Stand-Alone pages per blog.
 For example: 

Number of Pages:

You can only create 20 Stand-Alone pages per blog.

 For example:

Number of Labels:

You cannot create greater than 5000 different labels per blog or 20 different labels per post.

Number of Labels:

You cannot create greater than 5000 different labels per blog or 20 different labels per post.

One Blog Team Members:

You can add up to 100 members and one admin per blog.

Final Words:

We must suggest you to continue using this FREE blogging platform, but make you must purchase .com domain, because if Google delete your site due to several policy violation then you can move your .com site to WordPress. Otherwise, you would be left empty handed. Now the choice is yours either take it or leave it or I f your have more suggestion leave comment here.

What Did You Say For SEO in 2014?

Hello Friend, we've presently turned into New Year 2014, it's possibly time to lie away carousing of making it to another year, and imagine about what lies in remain for SEO. Things frequently modify in the SEO industry as the strategy and tactic change. The backbone remains the unchanged, but the external structure is elegant dynamic. A variety of changes occur in 2013, so come again? What can we suppose starting 2014?
What Did You Say For SEO in 2014?

On-page SEO

Optimizing on-page basics for SEO is still very important. But, Google is getting greatly better at accepting the different parts of markup on a page. Therefore you earlier had to modify the content on your page to make it understandable for Google. The focus now is on a site's crawl capacity and usability, i.e. the User edge. Among new algorithms such as Panda, SEO must be give more attention to how the site is being crawled and used when it comes to optimizing “on page”.

Links building

This is next becoming a thing of the past. The new method to go is currently branding and social media, a blog, a forum, or a social media networks. Talk about on these platforms will now make better quality traffic to a site. These quality back link that come social activity will follow the same natural patterns that increase value with in the search engine’s index.

At Last Keyword research, May Have Some Changing

One of the major changes or should I say, pattern shifts for SEO in 2014 is related to keyword research. Earlier, Google's complete ranking algorithm and search was based on keywords.
As a result what happened now? It’s changing now Hummingbird. Google did a major change of its algorithm and launch the Hummingbird. This latest algorithm has the ability of understanding query. It actually performs search queries not just based on their keywords, but as well as on their meaning. It’s main changing of Google search. Its means Google now search synonyms and phrases contain a lot more meaning now and that related keyword search might become a thing of the past.

Final world

Hello Gays, it's time to start study your audience fairly sticking to old methods we used to do past.

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