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Google Rolls Out Panda 4.1 Against a lot of thin Content

Google has advertised that it is revealing the following cycle of its infamous Panda algorithm that is filter designed to kill tight or poor content in search rankings. The update began revealing this week, and will proceed into the following. Apparently, it will generally affect somewhere around 3% and 5% search queries - basically those with tight or low quality content they frequently see on download and commercial sites and so forth.

What's new in this algorithm?

According to Google, this version is meant to be a lot of precise and can enable a lot of high-quality little and medium-sized sites to rank better. Google also claims to possess been ready to discover additional signals to help Panda a lot of accurately identify caliber content, because of user and webmaster feedback.

This means that you simply do not need a vast website to earn the top spot. in the announcement, Google said;
Based on user (and webmaster!) feedback, we've been able to discover a few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely. This results in a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites ranking higher, which is nice.

So far thus good.

Another piece of good news is if you were fined by Panda previously, then this update means the harm might have been undone if you did all the right things to correct the difficulty. If you see an increase in traffic by the top of next week, then it’s a good sign this update discovered in your favor.

Here is what SEJ's founder Loren Baker had to mention concerning this update;

This new Panda algorithmic update reinforces the fact that Google is not a fan of thin content and that crawl efficiency along with serving clear and direct data messages to Google are becoming more important than ever.
Specializing XML sitemaps, trimming back on thin content and making sure that you are serving Google exactly what they need with minimal effort expended on part of Google-bot needs to be a huge emphasis. More so, also making sure that even in XML sitemaps, crawl priority is properly defined, and old content is not recrawled unless there is specific reason.
Now obviously, this new update cannot be good news for everybody. If the estimates ar true, then we're looking at a complete of 5% queries effected, that could be a important range. If you've got been hit, you will recognize once a couple of week. best of luck :)

4 Advantages of Internal Linking in SEO

Hi friends, blogs or website owner must think about How to increase its blog or website traffic and search insearch engines. There are many of techniques to increase blog traffic and value to gain trust of the visitor andsearch engines search result. In today's post I'll discuss about one of the techniques that is internal linking and its benefits.

Advantages of Internal Linking

Advantages of Internal Linking

There are many benefits of internal linking in SEO and we will go through from them one by one. But before telling you the benefits of it let me tell you what does internal linking means?
Internal linking is the technique of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to link one post to another in such a manner that increase blog or website's usability to the readers and provide them more relevant content to read.
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Now we have understand what does internal linking mean. So, let see it's advantages in SEO.

1. Increase Readership

Increase ReadershipInternal posts linking is the best way to increase readership around the blog. If You write a post and provide quality internal links with proper use of anchor texts then your readers get easy to navigate your site from one post to another. In this way, you help them to reach that location of your blog where they want. They are looking for better readership of your blog.

2. Increase Page Rank

Increase Page RankInternal post linking is the best method to increase link popularity. It passes link juice from one post to another in the form of links which seems like a vote to the linked post that helps it to increase Google page rank and rank well in search engines. By this process page rank flow completely in your blog and all posts that help them in gaining strength to stand out and bring more traffic fromsearch engines. It also increases number of backlinks to all posts that help them to increase their rank.

3. Better Crawling and Indexing

Crawling and Indexing
You may heard that search engine crawlers are known as spiders. This is the main reason to call them as spiders because they like content interlinked with relevant content. As linking to related posts helps the readers to find the information more quickly and easily, it also help web crawlers to crawl and index all of your content by providing a convenient path to follow.

4. Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate
Last but not the least benefit of internal linking is it decrease your blog bounce rate without doing any extra hard work. You just provide links to more relevant posts and readers click those links to read more content. It automatically increase blog page views and reduce bounce rate that is must for every blog to build trust in the eyes of search engines. less bounce rate shows the authority and usability of a blog.

Final Words!

These are the 4 best advantages of internal linking in SEO. Please Share it. Thanks

6 Ideas to Optimize Images For SEO To increase Blog Traffic

Everyone knows that we need to optimize our blog posts to position well from search engine in which help us to enhance our weblog traffic although today I will tell you top ways to get blog traffic tips on how to use images for better search engine visibility. Every single blogger often using doodle kit platform as well as increase blog traffic WordPress system, they have to optimize their own images with all the them to their blog posts before posting the article. Image optimization does work to increase blog targeted visitors. Lots connected with webmasters seek images by Google Image Search make use of them to their blog posts. So, in case you have well optimized images your blog post after that it will provide you with two advantages. One is usually bring targeted visitors from graphic search along with second is it help web crawlers to higher understand your own post theme hence higher SERP (Search Engine Result Position). Let's go to the tutorial to master some helpful tips about graphic optimization for SEO.
 increase Blog Traffic

Image Optimization Ideas:

Below usually are some vital tips for you to optimize images before adding them into blog posts. These guidelines will improve your blog SEO.

Make use of Keywords with Image Name:

Have anyone download a picture from net or press them from a camera make use of them into your blog posts? Sure! Wait buddy don't make use of them straight into your weblog. First modify their name into a keyword wealthy image label. By default graphic name seem like this image1432. jpg as well as photo123. jpg. Always rename them together with your post key word. For example if i use any image because of this post after that I'll rename the image such as this image-optimization. jpg.

Hyphen with Image Name:

Remember any time naming your own images together with your keywords neither use write off space none underscore ( _ ) between them. Always utilize hyphen to split up the keywords like I have done within the first instance. Because whenever your use write off space it'll automatically turn to '%20' without any meaning. In consequence web robots found difficulty to be aware of the graphic. Hyphen is actually a greater option for optimizing the actual image.

Make use of Best Format:

There are lots of formats connected with images just like JPG, PNG, GIF and others. But usually use in which image format which fits better for web. JPG graphic format would be the most much better image format through the webmasters because doing so uses less size memory space as compare to different formats. Less graphic size will aid you to reduce weblog load time thus better website positioning means more traffic.

Reduce Images Size:

Before adding the photographs into your blog post, first remember that you've compressed these. Compressing the actual image also help make your weblog loading speed faster along with reduce weblog bounce charge. You can easily compress your own images with Photoshop. To decrease your graphic in Photoshop visit file menu and select save for web. It is going to reduce graphic size through maintaining the actual image top quality.
Also you should utilize online tools to decrease your graphic files. The most effective tool is usually Yahoo Smush the idea. Go for this and decrease your images free of charge.

How make use of Images in Post for Better Search results Visibility?

Now you've optimized your own images. It's time to use these into your blog posts. Are some move forward tips in which also appear under graphic optimization with SEO. Understand them very carefully and comply with the recommendations.

Proper Dimension:

When anyone upload your own images into post, always let them have proper dimensions. Mentioning the actual dimensions help in faster site loading. Web crawlers don't get confuse for you to assume their width along with height. In the event you already provide dimensions to your image, then in other words for world-wide-web crawlers to higher crawl your articles. Use beneath format to give dimensions to your image.
<img width="320" height="210" src="URL of image"/>
Adjust above pointed out values according to your need.

Title Tag and Alt Tag

Title tag and Alt tag works to be a description for the images. Web crawlers are unable to read photos. They simply understand these individuals by their own name, subject tag as well as Alt tag. Always choose your very best keyword to provide title as well as alt tag for the image. To utilize these tags start to see the below case.
<img src="Image URL" title="Keyword" alt="Keyword"/>
Note: Don't add a lot of keywords inside these tag words. Only put your very best keyword right now there which much better explain your post theme.
I have got write a detail tutorial to feature title as well as alt feature in photos for Tumblr. com users. Please verify the beneath post.
Increase Title as well as Alt Credit To Optimize Images Intended for SEO
  • Change above highlighted values according to your need.

SEO Tricks For New Website/Blogger

Nowadays I am going to inform you some best idea how to growth your blog ranking on Search Engines, Alexa-Rank and Google PR. You may know essential information about SEO,  but there are some easy tips which can help to improve your ranking. Last time we discus about ON Page SEO Techniques 2014 and Search Engine Optimization Tips - Off-Page SEO. You must visit these posts and must subscribe me for more tricks.

Search Engine Visibility?

It’s easy to improving search engine visibility of every Search Engines results.

These are some ways to increase your search engine ranking.

Alexa Rank 

Alexa is shows your site's current predictable position and traffic rank on the internet of your website.
There are several ways we can increase Alexa Rank.

  • Claim your website on Alexa
  • Install Alexa Widget on website
  • Write a review about Alexa on your website.
  • Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Ask visitor to write a review on Alexa

Google Page Rank and how to improve it?

Google Page-rank only shows your website present estimated position on the web.
There are a number of tricks for increase Google Page Rank.

  • Always write high quality content 
  • Submit Your Site to search engine and article Directories
  • Use Link Exchange Program to increase backlinks.
  • Keep updating your site/blog everyday
  • Use Social Book marking button to share you website on social sites
  • Website Advertising
  • Comment on other Blogs and Websites

4 SEO Tips To Getting Traffic for Your Website

Set up and continues a website is tough, however getting traffic for your website and making sales is still harder. At this time I arrange some SEO tips to help maximize the search engine traffic to your website.
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1. Optimize your Meta tags.

Each of your website pages must have a unique title and description – the search engines love it. The title tag is silent a main factor in search engine optimization, however Google and Bing have both identified that Meta descriptions and keywords are no longer a element of their ranking algorithm.

Example: <title>Blogger Learned | Latest Tips, Tutorials, Tricks For You </title>

2. Optimize your URLs.

URL is silent a feature of SEO. Apply a few descriptive keywords in your URLs, but no use long URLs. Use hyphens (-) to divide keywords, and not use symbols.

3. Make sure your website loads quickly.

A slow loading website is one of the fastest ways to lose a visitor. Anyone wants to quick load of a website, especially with low speeds the connection. Make sure your website is fast enough to grip all the traffic and resources. Page load time not only distress user experience, however also help in search engine optimization.

4. Must use of internal links.

External links are most important, but internal links to much important for SEO. When you create a link of a page, you must make internal links. Of course, internal linking may be creating in moderation.

Finishing Words:
So friends, that it all how you can getting traffic for your website and every person can adjust it for more professional blog. If you have any trouble about this or you may have best information associated this post, please inform me in comments. Also share this post among your friends. Cheerful Blogging.

Submit your Websites to Search Engines for Free

Search engines are curriculum that search documents for particular keywords and takings a list of the websites where the keywords found. A search engine is really a universal class of programs, but the term is often used to particularly explain systems like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search to help users search for documents on the internet.
There are best Search Engines to submit your websites.

Submit your Site to Google

To submit your website to the Google index, go to Enter the URL for your home page into box with the http://. That’s it! Google can now add your website to the Googlebot crawl list, and your website can appear in related search results.
For superior you must ad your Site Map here, visit

Submit your Site to Yahoo

Submitting your web site to Yahoo! is just as easy method. Go to click `Standard Consideration > Continue, fill all require information then click the Submit button, and you’re done.

Submit your Site to Bing/MSN

You must also submit your website to Bing/MSN. visit and enter your entire website URL in box with the http:// and click the Submit URL button. Like the Google and Yahoo! submission, Live Search’s MSNBot crawlers are instruct to crawl your website and index all the interior pages linked from your home page.
You also add your Site Map in Bing, visit

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