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Using the YouTube APIs to Build Professional Video Sharing Website

Now Days, Hundred of  video sharing website using YouTube Gdata API's for making a professional video sharing website. By using YouTube Gdata API's you can build your own website like, or, these website build on YouTube Data API's as well as proxy service, and run in YouTube restricted country.
But question is here” how to build an application or website by using youtube videos?”
 Its answered is simple you are only follow below steps on by one.

Using YouTube Data API (v3)

The YouTube Data API (v3) lets you have as a feature YouTube. You can use the API to get search results and to retrieve, insert, update, and delete resources like videos or playlists.

a. Getting started

  1. Register your application with Google and submit API requests.

b. Building your application

  1. Read the Getting Started with the YouTube Data API guide, which explains basic YouTube concepts and provides an overview of supported API operations.
  2. Select a client library to make things easier your API implementation.
  3. If your application will use any API methods that require user authorization, read the authentication guide to learn how to implement OAuth 2.0 authorization.

Follow all above steps one by one.
After completation you needs some code.

Download phpVibe v3.6 Nulled – Video Sharing CMS


Download phpVibe v3.6 Nulled – Video Sharing script ,Premium video sharing cms with or without upload. Supports all main video sharing websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and flv, mp4, mp3 uploads. No ffmpeg needed. upload option is turned off.

HTML Color Codes


HTML Color Code Generator Tool – Find Hex Code Of Any Color

How to find HTML code of a color?

Follow the instruction given below to use this HTML Color code generators tool.
  1. Drag the black bar on the “hue” selector to show your desired color.
  2. Now click inside the Brightness/Saturation.
  3. Drag it until you have achieved your desired color.
  4. The “Swatch” bar shows the final color.
  5. The hexadecimal color will be generated at the bottom of the grid in the “Hex” box. Simply copy and paste this code into your page.
HTML color code for your website:add html color code in your website
Directions: Simply copy everything inside and paste it where you wish the script to appear.

Character Count inside a TEXTAREA

Calculate and show the number of characters inside a TEXTAREA with this script. helpful, for example, in helping your visitors manually stay their input distance end to end in check!
Count your characters:
Copy and paste your words below to find out your correct character count. (Blank places are count as characters).

Number of Characters:

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